kerala what to expect in the munroe island, kerala for tourists

The cheapest and beautiful places to consider in your budget vacation list is Munroe Island where you want to go on for a canoeing tour, or houseboat ride or like to do kayaking on the Kallada river and Ashtamudi lake then plans your tour this time on the Kollam district here see What to Expect in the Munroe Island, Kerala for Tourists.

It is destined to be best honeymoon packages around the southern part of India where it is open to international tourists on direct arrival from the Trivandrum airport from there either through railways or major roadways.

If you love any kind of water transportation then you are on the right place to spend your seasonal leave with your complete family or as a couple on enjoying the view of the forest like nature-filled around water as far as the eye can reach out.

A century-old Dutch cum local collaboration style church has been built dated back 1878 AD is still preserved and allowed for sightseeing to the tourists and visitors of the island.

Individual persons as a group of bike riders would like to explore the place on a weekend trip through the roads of Kerala along tasting the traditional foods on reaching the Munroe Island Lake Resort, a placewhere staying gives a wonderfulexperience.

A day is where the relatives of locales would land on for celebration which comes 28 days after Thiruvonam, where the boat race festival will be conducted with manual paddles of several men’s under their house banner names, will be an interesting sport of the season on the banks of Kallada river.

Idiyakkadavu bridge on the river is been acting as active connectivity of vehicles to the island through roadways, where this isn’t possible in the early days where the only possible way of traveling is through boat only.

MIL what to expect in the munroe island, kerala for tourists

This is a place where it is covered with natural resources like coconut grooves, prawn farms, freshwater fishing, canals, coir industry, migratory birds,etc, all together on a single place portraying a complete village life.

Munroeturuttu is the name of the railway station, 3 Km’s from there one can reach the island with local transportation or an arrangement can be made to receive them all by the resort. As a visitor, an interesting thing to do in the island that you can go on for walking or even give cycling to get to know the source and lifestyle of people living there, way of getting a feel as local people of the island.

The Munroe island is a nice place which is apt to visit on all the months of the year, but the active participation of tourists starts from November – February where all the resorts or homestays get filled in a rush through online booking services.

People whoever goes in for leisure must stay for a week not only to roam around the Munroe island but to visit other parts of the Kollam district which includes beach, waterfalls, seaport, wildlife sanctuary and much more with a surprise.

It is always a tranquil effect to see the sun in the early morning or closing near dusk by having a tea or coffee on petty shop and snacks prepared with coconut oil while canoeing on vallam.

Even though the place can be visited all time, due to the climate change and due to natural calamities like heavy stormy rain from past recent years, it is best to avoid visiting the place during south-west monsoon season.

A paradise for tourists that forms as an unforgettable memory of their lifetime by taking part in backwaters island resort called “Munroe Island Lake Resort” to feast, love and relax; a hotspot in the honeymoon packages for couples.

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