Although relatively a small city, Guilin is among the best cities to visit in China. Known for its spectacular natural limestone karst hills, this is among the most amazing places to visit in China. While you can always get directions to Guilin’s top attractions, it’s the shopping tips that don’t come easy here see – Guilin Shopping Guide: What to Buy Where in This Remarkable China City.

We’ve come up with the best Guilin shopping guide to help shopaholic spend a fun day shopping in this amazing China city. Read and find out what to buy where in Guilin! So, whenever you plan on visiting this awesome city in South China, remember to use our Guilin shopping guide.


What to Buy in Guilin:


Even if you’re just passing through Guilin on last minute flights, take a bit of time to shop for some Guilin souvenirs and specialties. Allow our Guilin shopping guide to help you understand what to buy here!


Chinese Landscape Paintings


Any Guilin shopping guide and not just ours will tell you that this is among the top things to buy in Guilin. The city is famous across the world for its gorgeous landscapes. Thereby, the landscapes in Guilin have been the subject of many renowned artists. Chinese ink paintings of Guilin landscape are among the must-buy Guilin souvenirs.


South Sea Pearls


Guilin is the best place in South China to buy stunning South Sea Pearls. South China is famous for these and they deserve a place on the list of the must-buy items of travelers visiting Guilin. Find the best South China sea pearl shop Guilin is home to shop away!


Guilin Specialties

guilin nightlife things to do

When we talk about Guilin specialties, we don’t necessarily mean paintings, handicrafts, or other such items. As listed in our Guilin shopping guide, Guilin specialties are things like Guilin Sanhua Alcohol, Dry Sweet Osmanthus Flowers, Luo Han Guo Fruit, local Chufa items, ShaTian Grapefruit, and Ginkgo among other things.


Yangshuo Painted Fans


These are among the must-buy items in all Guilin shopping guides. Made both with paper or silk and with bamboo as the support, these beautiful fans are the best Guilin souvenirs to buy. The hand-painted fans range in size and feature varied designs. Most common pictures on these fans include those of flowers, insects, landscapes, birds, and Chinese girls.


Traditional Handicrafts


Our Guilin shopping guide lists this as the most invaluable item to buy in Guilin. The region is home to about 28 ethnic tribes who still make traditional handicrafts using the old-fashioned method. These authentic hand-made items can be expensive but are among the best Guilin souvenirs to buy.


Guilin Souvenirs


Besides the above-listed popular things to buy in Guilin, there are a few more special Guilin souvenirs to get your hands on. These include the gorgeous Guilin Stone, hand-woven crafts, jade items, embroidered balls, marble ware, wood and bamboo carvings, knit ware, paper umbrellas, and hand-painted folding screens among other things.


Where to Shop in Guilin:


With the above-listed Guilin souvenirs and specialties in mind, enjoy hassle-free shopping when visiting the city on business class flights. Now that you know what to buy in Guilin, let’s look at where to get them!


Zhengyang Pedestrian Street


Also simply referred to as Walking Street, the popular Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is among the best places to shop in Guilin. No vehicles are permitted to enter the street and shoppers can enjoy a hassle-free time looking through amazing things to buy. There are small ethnic stores, top fashion boutiques, high-end salons, eateries, nightclubs, and bars at Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. Our Guilin shopping guide lists this as the coolest place to shop in the city.


Zhongshan Road


Guilin City’s longest commercial street, Zhongshan Road is among the best places to buy Guilin specialties. Top places to shop here include Dream Island Department Store, Guilin Tourism and Entertainment Area, NikoNiko Do Plaza, and Osmanthus Shopping Plaza among other places.


Yangshuo West Street


Our Guilin shopping guide lists this as the best place to buy hand-painted Chinese fans and other cultural items. Be sure to look for traditional handicrafts and minority costumes when you visit. Also, remember that this is a bargain market so make sure to negotiate the buying rate well.


Wa Yao Tour Products Wholesale Market


Consisting of several 6-story buildings, Wa Yao Wholesale Market is the go-to place to buy pretty much everything in one place. You can look through household items, antiques, clothing, art, and local handicrafts among other things. Since this is a wholesale market, the prices of everything will be rock-bottom low.


Xicheng Pedestrian Street Guilin Night Market


Listed in our Guilin shopping guide as the best Guilin night market, Xicheng Pedestrian Street is among the best Guilin shopping places. Every night, brightly lit red tents line the street and sell all kinds of crafts, trinkets, jewelry, Guilin souvenirs, and other things. Some of them even sell snacks!


Little Hong Kong Underground Market

Crowded Crossing Hong Kong

Located below Central Square, Little Hong Kong Underground Market is among the most exciting of all Guilin shopping places! Stalls fill this mesmerizing maze of alleyways and sell everything from apparel and trinkets to footwear and handbags. However, don’t expect to get high-quality things here but only those meant for casual, rough use.


Enjoy Visa-Free Transit Through Guilin Airport!


One of the best things about booking cheap flights to Guilin Airport is that you can transit through this city Visa-free! As per latest rules, travelers from about 51 countries can now explore all of Guilin region without a Visa for 3 days. Travelers from 10 ASEAN nations can get Visa-free transit through Guilin for up to 6 days. Imagine all the shopping you can do using our Guilin shopping guide during this time! To avail this fantastic service, you will need an air ticket showing the onward journey to another country from Guilin. Be advised to check other requirements before you travel.


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