himachal top 10 romantic honeymoon places in kullu manali

Kullu Manali is a great place because of its weather and the scenic locations and best for India honeymoon. It has unique attractions, eye-pleasing and soul captivating.  Majestically standing Mountains, beautiful forests, fantastic gardens and lovely mists of Kullu Manali welcomes honeymooners from various places of India to taste the romance of the nature.

Nature has poured its best in Kullu Manali. Couples that come here for honeymoon can have memorable moments saved to relish forever. Let’s see top 10 romantic honeymoon places in KulluManali.

Begin with blessings at Hadimba Temple

Hadimba temple Top 10 romantic honeymoon places in Kullu Manali

Let your honeymoon begin with receiving blessings at Hadimba Temple. This temple is surrounded by hills capped by snow. Dwelling in the midst of tranquillity of the nature, Hadimba Temple is a best place to see the nature and spirituality becoming one another. Honeymooners who want to begin their romantic trip from an auspicious place would start it from here.

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Fascinated spot to get strengthened

Vashisht hot spring in Manali is famous place to take holy dip. It makes sense for all the people that visit here to take a dip in the hot springs to enjoy the freshness in the body and soul. This natural hot water spring is 3km from the city centre and is situated by the river Beas. Visit this place with your spouse to get fascinated not only by the dip you take but by the exquisite nature.

Get the delight at Jogini Falls

Jogini Falls top 10 romantic honeymoon places in kullu manali

Seeing the waterfalls and getting frenched under it is an incredible feeling that people of all age group would like to enjoy. Obviously, it gives a therapeutic experience if we get delighted under the natural water flowing with innocence and purity. Such a great one is Jogini Falls in Kullu Manali. You will have to take a short trek to it where you will enjoy the nature like never before.

Relax on the lap of nature

In your Cheap Honeymoon at Kullu Manali package, do not miss to visit Van Vihar which is situated behind the Hadimba Temple. It is a best place to enjoy the nature, relaxing and enjoying boating together. As you get on to the boat and start seeing the nature around this place, take a deep breath to experience the liveliness all over you.

Exciting place to visit

Exciting place top 10 romantic honeymoon places in kullu manali

The place where animal abides is the place where nature is pure. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary where lush green is lavishly spread is an excellent place to see the animals of Himalayas and beautiful birds, chirping and flying with fullest joy.  It is 2km from the city centre and one of the best places to visit in kullumanali for honeymoon. Truly adventurous to experience the nature.

Get swept by the romance of the nature

Rohtang Pass is a romantic place which you should not miss for your honeymoon. The 2-hour ride to Rohtang pass will be amazing as you could see the snow-covered mountains all over. It is a perfect destination to enjoy snow activities such as paragliding, snow scooter and heli-skiing with your partner. Enjoy a thrilling and romantic honeymoon at Rohtang pass.

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Ecstasy all over the place

Get mesmerized by the majestic views of nature at Kullu Valley. It is a perfect place for the honeymooners to feel the romance in the nature and to enjoy the delight of lofty mountains of Himalayas. Trekking, Mountaineering and River rafting are some of the great activities you could enjoy here to gather the memories with you. Do not forget to take manali honeymoon tips to enjoy here.

Get high is spirit at Gulaba

Gulaba top 10 romantic honeymoon places in kullu manali

Gulaba is one of the popularromantic places in kullumanalifor skiing and a great substitute for Rohtang Pass. If you miss Rohtang Pass for any reason, visit Gulaba, the village situated on the way to Rohtang Pass. People who journey to Rohtang usually would stop by here to enjoy the magnificence of the nature displayed over the mountains.

Artistic and romantic at Naggar

Your honeymoon will be romantically artistic if you visit Naggar. It is a place that must be explored with your spouse to see glorious art and miniature paintings. Naggar castle is huge, situated by the banks of river Beas. You will enjoy dreamy honeymoon here as you get to see the fantabulous views of enchanting landscapes.

Enjoy the quietude like never before

Kothi is one of the great scenic attraction in Kullu Manali, situated at a 30-minute drive from Manali. This is a best village for your private moments and relaxation and tops in the list of honeymoon places in india in February. No honeymoon would be best without having a tranquil and unravelling each other moments. Kothi is a best place to unravel each other in hands of each other.

Check out some of the Best honeymoon tour package in india  to plan a perfect honeymoon to Kullu Manali. A great honeymoon requires a planned itinerary.

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