dalai lama temple amazing things to do in india

If you’ve never been to the lands of many Gods, this article is the right place for you to start thinking of packing your bags and catching a flight to India. The country has many things to offer an adventure seeker, in its true sense. There is nature, drama, entertainment,and spiritual engagement – anything you can think of! So, in order to keep your excitement up, we bring you a list of best experiences in India. They are as follows see – Top 10 Crazy Things to Experience in India.

  1. Experience India’s own Cherry Blossom

You don’t have to travel to Japan anymore to experience the unique Cherry Blossom bloom, you can find it in North East India as well. Shillong, a city in North East India, fills up with wild Cherry Blossoms during the autumn period in South Asia. The city even hosts its own Cherry Blossom festival although there is a lot more to the hill station than that. Go experience it yourself!

  1. Meet Dalai Lama

Gaden Phodrang or his holiness the Dalai Lama, as we call him, presently resides in India in a place called Dharamshala. From time to time, when he isn’t traveling and busy with his teaching/spiritual engagements, he appears in front of the public in Dharamshala to give his teachings at various places.

You can literally look up his schedule and travel there accordingly in order to catch the man and his glimpse.

  1. Meet the Mangrove jungle Tigers in their habitat

If you don’t know about it already, do check it out. The Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site protected in India for being the longest mangrove forest site in the world. But mangroves and amazing boating experiences aren’t the only reason tourists frequent here – it’s also the Sundarban Tigers.

Who, by the way, is a little bit of something since they are also very good swimmers and you will often hear stories about the Tigers on the hunt at night in water from the fishermen! But that is not all, there are turtles and crocodiles there too!

  1. Explore Seven Wonders of the World – The TajMahal

TajMahal is located at the bank of Yamuna River in the City of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had built it in memory of his beloved wife MumtazMahal. That’s why it is famous as a Symbol of Love. TajMahal can be explore in Same Day Tour By Car From Delhi.

taj mahal agra top 10 crazy things to experience in india

TajMahal opens every day in the week except Friday from 6 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening or you say from sunrise to sunset.


  1. Travel to find alternative Ayurvedic healing treatment for the body in Kerala

Kerala is a state in South India that is famous for many things, and Ayurvedic massages are just one of them. This state has historically been known to be famous with world travelers, priests and people who could afford to travel hundreds of years ago for its Ayurvedic healing treatments.

Kerala Ayurveda Package top 10 crazy things to experience in india
Ayurvedic weight loss treatment in kerala

Kerala is also home to much indigenous and nonindigenous spice cultivation which makes the alternate medicine treatment truly unique to seek. You can choose between different massage centers, herb healings and even different names amongst the treatment professionals. Go pamper yourself!

  1. Experience royalty on a train in Rajasthan

Yes, you read that right. Only in India can you find a gem like this one. Rajasthan, or the land of the Royals in India, is filled with interesting sights and sounds. And now you can truly experience that while traveling on wheels.

With one ticket for yourself, you are buying a tour of the famous cities in India through Indian Railways, but in the railcar, you will have your own butler, personal bathroom, a deluxe cabin to rest in which looks nothing less than a 5-star ethnic hotel and a spa and lounge bar for starters.

  1. Track snow leopards in the Himalayas

India is home to the famous endangered Snow leopards in the world, among the other very few countries that can boast the same. While they are rare to be seen in the wild since they are shy and found in extreme climatic and terrain zones, one can still join a tour and go track them and find their glimpses high up in the northern Himalayan region of India near Ladakh.

In winters because of the lack of food, these leopards climb down to the lower parts of the mountains looking for easy prey and that’s the best time to join a tour and hope for a view!

  1. Explore the temples and rich architecture in Tamil Nadu

dalai lama temple top 10 crazy things to experience in india

Tamil Nadu is home to some of the most unique spiritual experiences in India. Not only are the temples laden with scientific and unique ancient architecture, but the Gods and Demons can also both be found in same temples often and the stories of conquest are vivid and breathtaking

  1. Watch the desert night sky in Rajasthan

Ever wondered what it would feel like to sleep under the skies in a desert? Rajasthan curates this truly magnificent experience for you. Many tour operators and agencies/local guides you can choose from, who will be happy to put a tent out there, prepare a wonderful local meat dish and let you sleep under the stars and experience the best of culture the state has to offer.

  1. Visit the land of enlightenment of Buddha

In Bodh Gaya, in India, you will find the temple where Lord Buddha found enlightenment in India. Bodh Gaya is found to be mentioned in many ancient scripts and books, and in cultural writings of famous ancient travelers from China, Turkey, etc.

The temple where the tree is situated under which Buddha attained enlightenment is now called the Mahabodhi Temple. There is a small built pond there along which you can find some peace and tranquility. A must-visit for those interested in a truly spiritual experience.

  1. Experience the tea gardens and estates

India is one of the three largest producers of tea leaves in the world – most of your well branded and sourced tea in the kitchen maybe Indian! In the states o Darjeeling and Assam, you will find the majority tea estates where the gardens grow tea organic style!

A lot of estates allow for guests to stay at the estates and experience the truly unique tea producing process. You can take a scroll through tea gardens and watch the women and men at work while you enjoy some amazing tea-based treats!

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