Visit Oub Kham Museum Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip

When the country is nicknamed ‘Land of Smiles’, it pretty much sets the mood for your vacation.  Thailand is one of the favorite holiday destinations for people around the world. From the most beautiful beaches in the world, unexplored islands, ancient temples, charming markets, delightful gastronomy, amazing shopping to so much more, Thailand spoils you with choices. Nestled in South East Asia, the island nation is fun destination for honeymoon couples, adventure lovers and fun seekers. Putting you at easy with a feel of home, Thailand is one of the top international holiday destinations from India. Read about the Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip.

Railay beaches and caves:

Railay beaches Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip

Visit one of the top 10 places to visit in krabi thailand and Escape from the hustle and bustle and head to what is probably the most attractive and secluded beach in Thailand. Also known as the Phra Nang beach, it is popular for its shining sand, turquoise water and the bright rays. Interestingly, this beach can be accessed only by a boat since the huge limestone cliffs cut Railay from the mainland. The stunning views of the lagoons and cliffs on route make the unconventional journey worthwhile.

Phi Phi Islands:

Phi Phi Islands Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip

These islands got their nine minutes of fame after being used as the location for the DiCaprio starrer, ‘The Beach’. Interestingly enough, these 9 minutes have extended to a lifetime of tourists flocking in to the islands to have a good time. While there are two islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, only the former is inhabited which makes it the obvious choice out of the two for travelling.


To reach Phi Phi Don, one has to hire a speedboat from Krabi which takes approximately three quarters of an hour. This is one of the best places to visit in Thailand with friends.


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Thung Teo Forest Natural Park.

Fabled beauty and ethereal landscapes are two apt phrases used to describe Thung Teo Forest Natural Park. High trees in the darkest of greens, deep emerald-colored water at its purest, wildlife at its maximum ease, and beauty at its unusual prime – the stunning waterfall in the middle of the Natural Park gives off surrealistic charm. So much beauty and there are no takers for it?


Wat Tham Sua

Labyrinth of stone caves, Wat Tham Sua—also known as Tiger Cave—is a remarkable place to see in Krabi. Sitting within the thick and high jungles, these caves house many temples and pilgrims inside their premises. Several monks set their station inside these caves to take a step towards divinity. Some of these monks have been there since their birth.

Phu Chi Fah

Phu Chi Fah Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip

If you are wondering about the best things to do in Chiang Rai, head to Phu Chi Fah which is a beautiful cliff that gives an extremely pleasing view of the island with its beaches and mountains. The road leading to this cliff is a stunning path which is full of flora and mangroves which will keep you happy throughout the journey. There are many different peaks in the area and their height differs from 1200 metres to 1600 metres.


Come here with your loved one and the scenery of bright flowers and lush meadows will send you both to heaven, especially if you visit Thailand in the months of Nov-Jan.

Visit Oub Kham Museum:

Visit Oub Kham Museum Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip

Thai are known for having peculiarly little knowledge about their own heritage but a teacher and artist, Khun Julasak Suriyachai made a difference in this regard. He started to collect the famous art pieces of Thailand and founded the the Lanna Heritage Conservation Center, which has evolved into what is known as the Oub Kham Museum today.

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Have rum at Phuket’s famous distillery:

For any keen rum drinkers the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is sure to whet your appetite, the company produces high end white rum which is now starting to be noticed around the world. There is lots to do when you arrive at the distillery, you start by taking a tour where you will learn about the way the rum is produced before taking a look at the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The final part of the trip is in the cocktail workshop and bar, here you will learn how to make various cocktails that all include Chalong Bay Rum and then relax while you sample them.

Look out from the Karon View Point:

Sitting just to the south of Kata Noi Beach is Karon View Point, it is the most popular viewpoint in Phuket and is normally crowded with tourists on a daily basis. The viewpoint looks out over the Andaman Sea in one direction and the other direction points towards the three west coast beaches on the other side of the island.

If you like looking at white sandy beaches and beautiful blue seas you will understand why it is so busy at the top.

Spend a night on Bangla Road:

spend a night on bangla road Thailand Honeymoon Tour – 10 Attractions in 1 Trip

When the sun goes down the Bangla Road gets closed to traffic and the road becomes alive. The street is full of bars, many of which are outside so you seamlessly move from one bar to the next. There are normally street entertainers looking for you to part with your hard earned cash in return for a few minutes’ entertainment as well as touts trying to get you into their ping pong shows or tailor shops.


A positive vibe fills the air as you work your way down the street, all the beer girls and restaurant owners compete for your business keeping the prices low and the fun never ending.

Enjoy the Fantasea Show:

Offering entertainment on a grand scale the Phuket Fantasea Show is a 140 acre complex that is filled with a range of entertainment and activities for all. There is a 4000 seat restaurant serving up a humongous buffet of both Thai and international food, a Las-Vegas style theater show that showcases the best of Thailand’s myths and mysteries.


A carnival village, shopping complex and handicrafts section also compete for your time and attention. With so much to do it is best to arrive early to give yourself the time to see it all.

It is time to pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses to board the next flight to Thailand and embark on a memorable journey! After reading about all the cool things that one can do in Krabi, we know you cannot wait to book your package to this stunning place! For Best thailand honeymoon packages from india

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