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The nation is quite famous for its beaches, legacy monuments and towns.  Perhaps, one of the most popular attractions at the Philippines is their spots and hubs.  The nation is full of them.  There are many hubs that are all about adapting sea creatures.  The tropical rainforests are adored by most tourists, particularly in the Philippines because they represent a few of their most useful biologically diverse sea creatures see- Best Tourist Destinations to See in Philippines.


All these rainforests are extremely booming and needs to be lived by traveling and experiencing junkies without a doubt.The amount of tourists visiting the Philippines to travel and live the excitement has been a vigorous growth.  There are countless of tourists that visit the Philippines every year.  The tourism section of the Philippines adds roughly 15-20 percent to their own GDP annually and that has been rising with every season departure.


This increase is due to the mixture of cultures, songs, dancing, restaurants, literature, media, and other fascinating experiences offered in the country.This growth in tourists will keep increasing as most students are choosing to study MBBS from the Philippines. Colleges like Southwestern University as it is one of the favorite medical colleges in the Philippines.


Obviously, once in a while when they are on vacation or have free weekends, they opt to see one of the many famous places of interest they prefer.  Many students pursuing MBBS from the Philippines revisit exactly the same attractions and places they’ve seen earlier in their days as a result of their undying Love for the particular attraction.


The best 4 Attractions at the Philippines for travel junkies and Health Care learners are:           




The island is renowned for its shores where the sunset is one of the most beautiful and tranquil beach fronts one could experience.  There’s a hotel on the island named, Shangrila Mactan Island Resort, famous because of the various events happening annually.  Additionally, the gorgeous and one of a kind water creatures found in the ocean are a real treat to see and if you’re lucky you will get to play them too.


2.Sky Experience Adventure


Experience the time of your life from the top of all Cebu City, 37th floor together with people that you love.  It is not important if you spend your night or day as this place is always filled with pleasure.  They have lots of experiences like Edge Coaster, Skywalk Extreme, Tower Zip, 6D movie-theater, and also the Resto Bar which serves yummy cuisines.


3.Coron Island


Coron Island is a 1 place destination to calm and rejuvenate yourself after a very long week of studying medicine (as it is by far the most favourite education there) or just to experience the calmness of the ocean.  This island also provides every one of the adventures relating the ocean like Snorkeling, Fireplace, Scuba Diving, and vibrant bass expo. Additionally, it offers a great number of lakes together with varieties like crystal clear and shallow-water coral reefs.


4.Heritage of all Cebu Monument


This place is interesting for anyone who would like to know more about the real history.  Additionally, once you pay a visit to any nation or stay there for a while, you would certainly be curious to learn regarding their history. This is the reason why Heritage of Cebu Monument may be the place for you personally. These sculptures are made with Concrete, steel, and nickel and are a treat for the creative in you.



These are some of the best places you can visit in the Philippines while enjoying a holiday or studying. These places are full of fun with their beautiful architecture and serenity of nature. Also, they are pocket-friendly and will not burn a hole in your wallet.

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