Kerala – God’s Own Country is one of the most beautiful states of India. Graced by the Western Ghats on one side and 600ks of Arabian Sea shoreline on the other, Kerala is home to vivid landscapes, network canals, wildlife, and natural parks here – Best places to visit for a fairytale pre-wedding shoot in Kerala.

From the backwaters, ancient churches, and local villages to the tea gardens, sunset points, beaches, and valleys – Kerala makes for a stunning backdrop for the wedding and pre-wedding pictures.

With nature’s beauty truly evident in every nook and corner of Kerala, the pre-wedding shoot photographs surely turn out to be one of a kind.

With many destinations in Kerala known for their jaw-dropping beauty, you cannot fall short of the creative bend with your romantic clicks. Here are some truly best places to visit for a fairytale pre-wedding shoot in Kerala that you should add to your list!



If hill stations excite you – Munnar is truly a gem with its green valleys and lush green tea gardens. With twisty-turvy roads surrounded by tea gardens on both sides, the journey to Munnar is astounding enough for an amazing pre-wedding shoot.

You can get clicked on the way amidst the greenery or embrace the beauty of this hill station with its vivid sunset points, ancient style cafes or high points with a backdrop of the large mountains.

Munnar is known for its magnificent view, stunning hills, and tropical weather. If you are lucky enough, you might get to capture your pictures with a stunning rainbow in the background.

Kumarakom lake resort

If you and your partner can’t wait to imagine yourself in white clothes while overlooking a scenic lake – Kumarakom lake resort is your pick. The grand resort is built just next to the Vembanad Lake – the largest lake in Kerala. While the luxury rooms with lake view and lush linen are great to capture some romantic shots for the couple, the lake is a promising site too. Kumarakom lake resort Best places to visit for a fairytale pre-wedding shoot in Kerala

The resort arranges for a beautiful houseboat to ride through the still lake and take pictures amidst the blue skies, blue water and hints of greenery around. No matter where the camera points – the view is gracious from all ends.

Booking a tour package from India Tourism Guide is a smart choice if you want a comfortable and hassle-free vacation. With houseboat beautifully decorated, you can sit around the houseboat for a stunning picture or face the lake to get a beautiful click while overlooking the lake.


The administrative headquarters of Kerala isn’t just a district of governance but an astounding beauty capturing the old and the new of Kerala.

Awarded to be the cleanest town of India in 2016, Alleppey is truly beautiful in every aspect. From the local villages, ancient churches to the backwaters – the couple can have vivid locations to get camera friendly.

Alleppey Best places to visit for a fairytale pre-wedding shoot in Kerala

Houseboats stays are popular here where you can lounge in the comforts of luxury houseboats and enjoy getting clicked around the deck or overlooking the backwaters.

The mini boats are exciting to get creative with the shots too. The ancient style churches dating back to the first century, the couples can get into the sultry mood to enjoy old-world romance while capturing their bond for the wedding.


Built-in the 17th century the famous Bekal Fort is known to be a popular destination for many Bollywood films. This keyhole-shaped fort is made with red bricks and overlooks the scenic Arabian Sea.

The dry grounds near the Bekal fort create a revering beauty that isn’t just great for the movies but can also be a stunning site for the couples to get their photoshoot done.

With a view of the hillsides, backwaters, Arabian sea, and old fort – the Bekal Fort is one of the stunning sites to embrace a Bollywood style shoot. Stick with a theme and fill the air with romance as the camera gets clicking.


Kochi or Cochin is often called as the Queen of Arabian Sea. This is because the city enjoys a truly stunning view of the Arabian Sea from its larger than life beaches. Being a famous spice trade market since the 14th century, Cochin gets its design and architecture from the pre-Islamic era, Dutch, and the British Invaders.

Kochi Best places to visit for a fairytale pre-wedding shoot in Kerala

While the whole city has a very different outlook to capture as a background for your photos, the beach and rocks across the coastline make for truly engaging clicks.

The black rocks by the sea are worth due attention to the couple in contrast clothes and sharing some moments of romance. Being one of the pictorial places in Kerala, Kochi offers some truly fairytale sights to celebrate the bond of love.


One of the sacred cities of Kerala – Thrissur is named after Lord Shiva. Also known as Kailsam of the South, this city takes you to the ancient days where the temples, historic villages and natural living style was practice. The spirituality and sacredness of the city reside in every corner of it to capture in the form of photographs.

The three temples of the city are truly engaging with their art, beauty and connect to the god. You can take time out to find befitting locations around the temples or gullies of the city to find a soft spot that shares as much love and purity as your relation does.


Nothing in Kerala gets as perfect as Kovalam does! The new wedding venue of Kerala, Kovalam is highly known for its white-sand beaches, clear blue waters and clear blue skies.  The place is culturally inclined with rituals to follow where the groom arrives in an elephant and the guests are offered food on the banana leaf.

Embracing these cultural indulgences in your pictures, you can create your pre-wedding shoot pictures with an edge of Kovalam’s grace.

You can also ditch the cultural signs and opt for a modern shoot across luxury villas and resorts of Kovalam that have perfect date by the beach scenes ready for the guests to have a fairytale pre-wedding shoot!

Kerala is the land of the god – it isn’t quite possible to miss out on fairytale locations for your pre-wedding shoot. The need is to zoom in the camera and look into Kerala as love-struck as you are with your partner-to-be!

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