Sangla ValleyBest camping sites in india

India is a country that is blessed with complete and natural handouts from rowdy cities. The camping sites in India will take you deep into nature and exploration experiences. The country holds top-rated camping sites like Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir State.

Mountains, valleys, deserts, and forest offers great varieties of camping sites in India. Campers are only left to choose. Every type of campsite will offer more than what you would expect including big tents. You might be planning to set your tents in Indian magical grounds. Here are the top-rated Indian campsites you can visit

The Tsomoriri Camp, Ladakh

It is located on Chengthang area of Tsomoriri Lake. The lake is one of the largest high altitudes lakes in the region. There are about 15 attached self-contained big deluxe tents facing the beautiful lake.

The Tsomoriri Camp Ladakh Best camping sites in india

You will be served local food and the best possible continental menu. The campsite offers medical facilities due to high altitude sicknesses. Other facilities include power connection in bathrooms. You will hike and explore in the huge lake and mountains. The best time to visit the camping sites is in summer season (May to September)

West Ladakh Campsite

The campsite is located at the banks of Indus River in Ulleytokpo Village. It is best for independent travelers. You will explore the cultural hub of Ladakh, which hosts famous monasteries. The campsite is amidst huge trees and rock formations. You will be served with the best local and continental food.

The amenities include bathrooms, hot and cold running water and medical facilities. There is no worry visiting West Ladakh Campsite.

Kareri lake campsite

The campsite is located in Dharamshala, Kareri Village. The beauty of the land around the camping site is magnificent. It offers jaw-dropping views of the lake, landmark and the garden. The melting snow in Dhauladhar Ranges feeds the shallow freshwater lake.

This is a place where you would love to stay longer. This is a dreamland for hiking and related activities. The glacial land and rocky grasslands serve as a refreshing companion. You will go through pine and oak sub-tropical forest. You will also be served with the best local and continental dishes.

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Sangla Valley

It is located in Baspa valley near the historical land of Trans Himalaya. Dense forest and beautiful terrain surround the campsite. It offers spectacular views of the high mountains.

Sangla ValleyBest camping sites in india

Sangla campsite offers the best camping experience in the summer season (from June to September). The Sangala’s culture blends well with the burst of colors. You can hike around and visit the popular Kaza Hub which is not far from the camping site.

Jaisalmer camping site, Rajasthan 

Jaisalmer Campsite is located in Rajasthan Thar Desert. Hiking in the desert will probably take you to the world you have never been. The campsite offers varieties of places to visit like Jain temple and the famous Sam sand dunes.

The services offered will complement your comfort. There are big luxurious tents with comfortable beds and essential items. You will find running cold and hot water. You will be served with yummy, both local and continental dishes. There are 21 large canvas tents on the campsite.

Watermark campsite

Watermark campsite is located near the scenic Pangong Lake. The lake is a high grassland lake in the Himalayas at a height of about 4,350 m. It is a huge lake; about 134 km long. It extends from India to the Tibetan autonomous region, china. The salty lake covers 604 km2 and freezes completely during the winter season.

You have all the reasons to visit the campsite to witness the wonders. From the campsite, you can visit many places all day. You can go hiking in the Mountain Ranges of Chanchenmo and on the lake.

The large luxury tents face the beautiful Mountain Ranges. Running hot and cool water is provided in neat, set tents. Everyone who has visited the campsite wishes to visit back.

Oakwood hamlet camping site

This is a campsite which will take you a bit natural. Its strategic location in the mountains and valleys gives you a retreat from normal life. Food in this camp is organically and locally cultivated.

Oakwood hamlet Best camping sites in india

The campsite features simple houses and tents. Dishes are well-prepared and yummy. People say that there is no menu in Oakwood Hamlet Campsite but you eat what you like. You can visit the campsite to witness this. Everything is done in style and exclusively different from normal life.

The activities include visiting the wild pheasant in their habitat early in the morning. You can go hiking, rappelling, simulated river crossing and catwalk. You can also visit historical colonial buildings in the Capital of Shimla and Chail Towns.

Banjara camping site

This is a campsite located on the bank of Baspa River. The campsite is amidst high mountain peaks. It is a good stylish retreat from the all-day hustle in the city life. The campsite offers the feel of the beauty of nature. You can take your loved ones with you on the spectacular campsite.

You are offered with Swiss-style camps outfitted with necessary amenities. Bathrooms are equipped with toiletries, cold and hot water. You will have a chance to eat fresh apples and reside in beautifully decorated cabins. You can visit the Nagdevta temple, the hattu peak, and the jugger lake.

Anjuna, Goa campsites

Anjuna is located on the coast of northern Goa. Goa is a popular destination preferred by most Indian camping fans. Goa holds some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Anjuna is the best place to camp. You will experience the real beach partying in Anjuna. You can comb beaches, explore chapels and flea markets.

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