Wildlife Agra wildlife tour with taj mahal tour guide

Every explorer who disembark in India must want sightseeing of Taj Mahal. Some travellers who intend to do South India tour , Central India tour , golden triangle tour , wildlife tours etc always desperate to encapsulate Taj Mahal in their tour plan. So here our company has explored possibility to cover wildlife tour with Taj Mahal in day tour packages either from Delhi , Jaipur & Kanpur. For this traveller should start tour in midnight from Delhi to reach Agra early morning to enjoy tour.


Here local Guide will take you to Taj Mahal in electric car from parking where your car will drop you. Your Tour Guide will assist you in buying monument tickets & escort you inside Taj Mahal.  Early morning time is recommended to travel explorer who intend to visit Taj Mahal because this time marble edifice is less busy & could hypnotise visitors by its sheen as first sunray strike it.

To watch scintillating on Taj Mahal by sunlight there are certain specific point on Taj Mahal which will be recommended to you by your .

Taj Mahal Agra Wildlife Tour With Taj Mahal Tour Guide

After Taj Mahal you can go to some descent Restaurant for breakfast with your Agra Tour guide. After breakfast straight away drive to Bear Sanctuary. It is 21 kms from Taj Mahal escort you to Bear Care Centre where injured & sick bears are rehabiliated after giving regular medical care.

Here your  will arrange your meeting with wildlife forest guide who will take you inside care centre. Actually in past some tribal belong to category of Kalandar used to organise road show of dancing bear.

To make bear dance in front of people they pierce chain in nose of bear & when they pull chain bear suffer pain and start jumping, it was unfortunately amusement for tourist in past.

But thanks to wildlife SOS who stopped this inhenious cruelty against bear & rescued them by shifting them here for treatment.

After bear sanctuary your tour guide will escort you in same car to Elephant conservation centre. it will be taking another 30 minutes from here.

Wildlife Agra Wildlife Tour With Taj Mahal Tour Guide

On the way your Tour Guide will brief you some vital information about Elephant Care centre. Elephant are considered auspicious animal in Indian mythology but in past Tusker has been subject to cruelty by various groups like poachers who kill them for Ivory, which has high market value in International black market, Circus where they are forced to do some activities to entertain crowds .

Some palaces like Amer Fort where they are used for ride of tourists in scorching sunlight etc. Thanks to wildlife SOS who has played prominent role to rescue tuskers from clutches of these people who use them against their will for commercial purpose.

Here your Taj Mahal tour guide will introduce you with SOS wildlife tour guide of Elephant sanctuary. Here you will get chance to watch documentary on these Elephants where you see the brunt of cruelty & mental trauma these creatures suffered. Also you will be briefed about various Elephants at Centre with their names. You can see them bathing & eating.

Agra Fort Agra Wildlife Tour With Taj Mahal Tour Guide

After two hours tour you will drive back to Agra with same tour guide Agra. You can have lunch in some nice restaurant in Agra followed by drive to Agra Fort with same tour guide Taj Mahal. Here tour guide will be brief you  with history of mughal empire , downfall of mughal empire , British rule to independence India & later he will brief you above palaces inside Agra Fort like Nageena Mosque , Meena Market , Sheesh Mahal , Anguri Bagh , Khas Mahal etc. After Agra Fort you can browse Agra Marble craft factory with your tour guide who will aquaint you at site the same premitive tools used by craftsmen for performing inlay work at Taj Mahal.

Also the inlay craftwork which you saw at Taj Mahal was done 390 years back so you can imagine since that time the descendants of those craftsmen are using the same technique with skillful maneuver to produce very masterpieces.

This work will astonish you & you can ask some relevant questions about this art to your tour guide. After this your Agra Tour Guide will get down & you will drive back to Delhi.

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