christmas events 9 tips for organizing a corporate Christmas party in Delhi

Be careful in choosing the date and time 9 tips for organizing Christmas party in Delhi.

Two elements are decisive for “choosing” the date and time of your party.

Availability – Remember that most companies will host the same type of party during the same time of year. The last days before the end of year holidays, the halls will be taken by storm to receive many private and corporate Christmas parties. Make sure to schedule a date and time when your reception venue will have availability.

Your employees’ calendar – You must know the last “official” work day and choose this date to organize the party. No one wants to come back to work the day after a corporate Christmas party! Ask human resources to tell you the last “official” work day and schedule the party this afternoon or evening.

Ask for opinions on the party from the previous year

If you want to know what people want from their Christmas party, why not ask them directly? Complete a questionnaire with a few simple questions such as:

  1. What did you prefer at the last Christmas party?
  2. What would you like to find from last year’s party?
  3. What did you dislike about the last Christmas party?
  4. What would you like not to see renewed this year?

They can give you their opinion and tell you what they liked and what they did not like at the previous party. So their answers will help you organize a party based on their preferences.

Attention: You will never be able to take into account all the suggestions. It is very likely that several answers are contradictory (some people will have liked the food / the DJ / the music / the room / the games, while others will have hated them). Try to find the common denominator of all of these feedbacks and include the items that most participants appreciated the most.

Suggestion: Send your questions to a few key people (no more than 20 or 30). Ask the heads of the different departments and a few employees, selected at random, to give you their answers. This large sample will allow you to assess the general mood, without having to analyze hundreds of responses

Choose a topic

From a technical point of view, the theme of a Christmas party is generally “Christmas”, which means that all participants go there in their best Christmas outfits and enjoy the party, its hot chocolate, cookies, sweets, gifts, Christmas carols and so on.

But if you always organize this type of party, why not break with habits by launching an entertaining and creative theme such as:


Alpine Ball – Organize your party in the chic environment of an Alpine ball to take advantage of the sophistication of a select winter sports resort.

The Roaring Twenties – Soak up the atmosphere of the prohibition era! Go back in time to the Roaring Twenties and the underground world of banned drinks, gangsters and elegant boys, for a night of authentic and provocative fun.

Tropical – How about taking the opposite direction this year? Rather than organizing a traditional and stuffy Christmas party, raise the temperature, install light spots and opt for a tropical theme. It’s a great way to come up with something original, and will give you a nice change of atmosphere for Christmas.

Wonders of winter – Cover everything in white with artificial snow and serve the alcohol on sleds. Offer cold appetizers and frozen drinks, in a dazzling and sparkling white decor!

The ugliest sweater – Start the ugliest Christmas sweater contest, with prizes for all the winners!

Plan a large budget

Aware of its importance to employees, most companies provide a certain amount of money for their annual Christmas party. However, it is your responsibility to save this money as much as possible.

Step 1: Find affordable providers. It is not a question of compromising on quality, but of finding the providers (reception, catering, entertainment, decor, etc.) offering the best value for money.

Step: Try to find complete services. Rather than renting different services from multiple providers, try to find providers offering the package of services you need. The flat rate for all of their services should normally be lower than hiring the services of several providers.

Step 3: Devote your budget first to the important elements. Most people enjoy a Christmas party as long as there is plenty of music, food and drinks. These are the most essential elements. That’s why most of your budget should be spent on it. The decor, location and extras must all pass after the hire of the caterer and the DJ or musicians.

Choose a unique location

After spending a whole year in offices and conference rooms, your employees will find it difficult to adopt a festive spirit without leaving their usual environment. Finding a place outside the premises or offices of your company is therefore essential. There are so many good places to celebrate Christmas in Delhi.

What type of place should you look for? It all depends entirely on you and your preferences. Here are some ideas for places to consider:

The Farmhouses. These are places dedicated to hosting parties and whose space is designed to be transformed into a realm of fun and dance!

Outside urban areas:  Leave the city for an original and new place. You can even organize a day in an isolated site where your employees can come with their families!

Banquet Halls: You can go online and check the best banquet halls in Delhi, which is available to host a Christmas party. Select a perfect venue which has the all facilities like cuisine, décor, power backup, parking and lightening facilities to make your event memorable.

Choose an original and different location to make this Christmas party memorable!

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