beijing 7 Incredible Historical Landmarks in Beijing You Must See on Your Trip

Be it the Great Wall in the outskirts or the Forbidden City in the main city, the historical sites in Beijing are always seen crowded with locals and tourists alike. If you want to understand the long marked history of China – the capital city is the right place to start with here – 7 Incredible Historical Landmarks in Beijing.

Visit all these historical landmarks in Beijing to know about the five dynasties that ruled in its history and unveil the modern age stories.

Here are the best picks for you to visit on your next trip to the capital city of China.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing is one of the most popular historical spot, thus attaining the top spot in our list. Situated exactly in the center of the city, the Imperial Palace was home to the Chinese rulers of Ming Dynasty since 1420.

While walking along the scarlet walls of the palace, look above at the golden roof to recall the achievements of the imperial families of China. If you are planning a trip to China in winters, visit the Forbidden City in snow, it is an incredibly beautiful view that words can’t describe.

Ming Tombs

One of the most important historical landmarks in Beijing is the Ming Tombs. Situated in the Changping District at the foot of Tianshou Hill, Ming Tombs is a group of tombs belonging to the 13 Chinese emperors of the Ming Dynasty. Not only the emperors, but 30 concubines, 23 empresses, a eunuch and two princesses have also been buried here.ming tombs ming-tombs 7 Incredible Historical Landmarks in Beijing You Must See on Your Trip

Visit the tomb of Chongzhen, the last emperor of Ming Dynasty and Changling Mausoleum, the resting place of Yongle Emperor. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is among the best-maintained imperial mausoleum around the world.

The Old Summer palace

Summer Palace in Beijing is yet another important place to get closer to the history ofChina. Also called Yuanmingyuan in Chinese language, the Old Summer Palace was stretched over an area of 3.5sq.kms and had an amazing garden which was called ‘the thousand and one dreams of the thousand and one nights’ by Victor Hugo.

However, all this glory can be remembered now as the palace was burnt down during the Second Opium War by the British-French Army in the year 1860.

The Eight Hutongs

The old town area of Beijing has thousands of hutongs but the most famous is the Eight Hutongs. It was the red light area of Beijing in times of the Qing Dynasty and the Chinese Republic.

The Eight Hutongs 7 Incredible Historical Landmarks in Beijing You Must See on Your Trip

Though no more a red light district, but the hutongs are famous among foreign tourists visiting Beijing. You can still see the Shanxi Alley’s Yixiang House, the dwelling place of loretteSaiChinhua.

Temple of Heaven

If you want to know more about the Qing and Ming Dynasties, visit the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It was the place of worship for both the dynasties and still preserves some crucial memories of the times. Also called Tiantan Park, the place can be explored in the best way within an hour or a little more.

See the Hall of Prayers and other sites in its premises. In the afternoon, the beautiful green lawn looks like a chessboard due to the shadows of the tress falling on to it. Do watch the sunset from the path across the Hall of Prayers.

The Lugou Bridge

Also called The Marco Polo Bridge, the Lugou Bridge turned to be a famous site outside China in the 13th century when Marco Polo wrote about its scenic beauty in his book.

Since then, tourists from far off lands visit this historical site for its incredible scenic beauty. When the moon sets, it leaves shadows on the water flowing under the bridge, making it a site of sheer marvel.

The Great Wall

This we all know is the most-visited historical site in China. Stretching from east to west along the historical borders of China, The Great Wall is a stone and brick formation built to protect China from invasion of the nomadic of north. Even if the construction of the Great Wall commenced during the seventh century, most of its part was expanded during the Ming Dynasty.

If you miss out this while on a Beijing trip, your trip will be considered incomplete. You can visit the popular tourist sections of the Great Wall such as the Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. The latter is less crowded as compared to the former.

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