sleeping bag 5 sleeping bags will make comfortable your camping trip

Vango Venom Sleeping Bag

Vango Venom sleeping bag that has long been incredibly popular for hikers backpackers and Duke of Edinburgh purse pens alike brings you great comfort while living of great. The Vango Venom 400 is a three season sleeping bag which has been designed to maximize heat retention to keep you warm and comfortable Here – 5 sleeping bags will make comfortable your camping trip.

It has an ergonomic Omega shape box well construction at ready adjustable hood a shoulder baffle and insulated zip baffles for your convenience.

The Vango Venom sleeping bag is made of premium down insulation coupled with pollard nylon mini rip stop fabric shell and lining with water resistant finish all to increase softness and chief our hire lofting offering you an excellent technical performance sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag includes a roll top dry bag stuff sack in order to ensure that your sleeping bag remains dry and compact while you are travelling. There is a mesh stuff sack as well for storing it away for the next big adventure. If you require comfort in sleep well-being in outdoor the Venom sleeping bag from Vango can make a great pick for you.

North Face Campforter Double

Having a comfortable sleep in outdoors can be problematic that’s why you will need campforter double from North Face to ensure comfortable sleeping experience on campsite. The campforter offers ample living space for up to two people and comes with large fitted hood that accommodates pillows in order to provide you a good night sleep. Its wraparound zipper lets you zip open the bag down both sides at once preventing and a comfort a light effect for peace of mind.

Combined with head seeker pro synthetic insulation and 650 fill water resistant profound insulation. The sleeping bag is capable of providing excellent heat retention while being waterproof.

The campforter has attachment points on the seat off that allow you to wear it hands-free like shawl in order to provide warmth on the move. The North Face campforter is an ideal choice for those who want to have spacious living space on campsite.

Big Agnes Dream Island 15 Double Wide

If you want to sleep with your partner in the backcountry the Dream Island 15 sleeping bag from Big Agnes is here to serve you. You don’t need to zip two or more sleeping bags together as this bag has plenty of space for two persons. The hot stream by Enzo Tech is a synthetic insulation that provides the heat down to 15 degree Fahrenheit.

There is even a little hood for each person and this bag is designed rectangular shaped with integrated field pad sleeve. It has built in pillow pockets to hold your folded fleece jacket as an addict headrest there is zipper on each side allowing easy access for both sleepers to get in and out at night.

The signature pad sleeve is a large pocket that is custom seal into the underside of the bag to accommodate a sleeping pad. Sleep a pad inside and its held tightly in place becoming one with big puff bag and does so you can sleep off a roll over the edge and thus you cannot sleep off or roll over the edge.

Big Agnes remove the insulation from the bottom of the bag and designed to be used with the corresponding sleeping pad. Just providing an integrated sleeping system with everything you need with lifetime warranty.

Kelty Galactic Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Galactic is known for its simple design fluffy down installation and multi-purpose abilities this bag is lightweight warm compressible and is perfectly suited for anyone from backyard campers to summer backpackers heading into the world. The simple down insulated design of this bag makes it incredibly practical very warm for size and relatively friendly to the pocketbook.

The bags down installation is entirely etiquette for its 30 degree rating and it has enough room to sleep in a combination of down puffy jacket and base layers to increase the background considerably. The galactic sleeping bag offers a very simple lightweight design there is an ample full-length draft tube which effectively blocks cold air from entering through the zipper.

The galactic also has a drawstring opening which allow users to change the top of the bag tightly around their shoulders and necks.

You keep your mobile phone or tablet in the side pocket of this bag after enjoying your favorite movie on Movie Hustle and music. This bag has the smallest pack size of any traditional rectangle bag you have ever tested and this bag is perfect for car camping or backpacking.

NEMO Disco 15 & Rave 15

The NEMO disco and rave is one of the most comfortable sleeping bags on the market and a notable for tummy-side and hiney sleepers its unique shape and roomy dimension allowed the most overall bed light-filled. NEMO 15 disco sleeping bag is specially made for men where a rave 15 is specially made for women’s comfort. Both sleeping bags are known for innovative design with several unique and patent-pending features with a down feel and a great temperature rating.

These bags are built in two sizes R and L that feed people up to six feet for the R sized and six feet six inches for the L size. You will like its soft liner materials and lofty down feeling. It will keep you warm during cool nights and the spoon shaped design is roomy for side and stomach sleepers who feel constricted in traditional mummy bag. The terminals feathers extended the temperature range of your bag on milder nights.

Allowing you to unzip and let heat out without letting cold drafts in these bags are insulated with premium Nick wax hydrophobic down the high-performance fluorocarbon free and water resistant down that keep you warm in all conditions in the breathable foot box to block condensation from the tent wall.

If you are planning for a long trip and want to get rid of sleeping problems while camping trip then the NEMO Disco 15 and rave 15 can be good options for you.

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