Nesu Penida 5 best scuba diving places in bali for beginners

Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations and for all the right reasons! There’s nothing not to love in Bali be it the beaches, the fun rides and the most fun thing to do in Bali, scuba diving! Scuba diving is one of the reasons why Bali attracts a major chunk of tourists.

We are here to make scuba diving a memorable experience for all the beginners visiting Bali! We will also mention scuba diving in Bali price in INR.


  1. Amed Beach, East Bali

Amed Beach which was once popularly known for its traditional salt farming had now transformed into a beautiful underwater playground. The fact that ancient US cargo shipwreck was once there is the major show stealer for Amed Beach. Start early in the morning for a great experience, keep a whole day to amend the beach to experience all of its beauty.

Start from any of the traditional starting points into the sea and experience the magic with fun diving experiences and witness the deep treasures that stay within the ocean.

Amed Beach 5 best scuba diving places in bali for beginners

The tropical fishes, sea turtles, reef tip sharks are something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Fishing and snorkeling are some of the most popular activities that take place in the Amed Beach but freediving is something that’s the new trending sport there and if you’re in Bali you shouldn’t miss out on that.

Lastly, along with all of these fun things you also get to be surrounded by beautiful coral gardens in Amed Beach. So, when in Bali Amed Beach is a must.

Price of scuba diving in Amed Beach – 1700

  1. Tulamben, East Bali

Tulamben in East Bali is one of the most famous driving nerves in Bali and the best place to learn to dive in Bali! This diving nerve attracts the major chunk of crowd, the diving enthusiasts from across the world. Surrounded with vibrant and bright corps reefs which decorate the ocean floor is the best surprise for all the divers that dive into the depths of the sea from Tulamben.

The historical ship USAT liberty and the fate of the ship in the sea of Tulamben is something that would give you goosebumps and make you intrigued about the sea! During the 1942 battle, the US cargo shipwreck was hit by a submarine from Japanese.

There were several attempts by the US and the Dutch to Detroit this ship but they failed miserably. Then the ship went 25m down into the sea when the volcanic eruption of mount Agung took place. The ship has now become a beautiful home for all the marine life residing in the sea!

Price of scuba diving in Tulamben – 2400


  1. Pemuteran Bay, North Bali

One of the most famously known and premier sites for the best scuba diving experience in Bali. Scuba diving here would give you the experience of scuba diving along the world’s largest artificial corps reef project.

This bay attracts major crowd in Bali because of its calm waves throughout the year and it also has beautiful shallow reefs.

The coral reefs of this bay has declined due to the cyanide fishing that used to take place in this bay but with collaborative actions with local communities, resort owners and dive operators through the Karan lestari foundation which has helped in restoring the reefs.

The deeper you dive the better the experience, you will across the beautiful and huge artificial gardens. This dive is perfect for people with all skill levels. You can meet the sea, fans morays and other beautiful underwater residents in the offshore slopes.


Price of scuba diving in Pemuteran – 1500


  1. Nesu Penida, South Bali

Nesu Penida is home to a group of three islands that lie at a distance of an hour and a half to each other. It is situated in the southeast I’d Bali mainland. Diving here would give you the best experience as you would get to witness some of the rarest pelagic species like ocean sunfish, manta rays.


Scuba diving in Nusa Penida for beginners is a really fun experience but since most of them lead directly to the open ocean so it’s only advised for professional divers to dive there. Crystal bay and manta point are some of the favorite diving spots of Nesu Penida.

Scuba diving here is an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss on when here because along with scuba diving you get the chance to witness breathtakingly beautiful colorful reefs like frogfish and nudibranchs here!

Price of scuba diving in Nesu Penida – 2000


  1. Menjangan Island, North Bali

Menjangan island is a beautiful island that is backed by the West Bali National park. Home to many rare species especially rare Javan Russ deers who are locally known as Menjangan.

The calm waters and coral reefs across the coastline which are usually throughout the year bless the divers with the most amusing sights of rich and marvelous coral gardens and marine life.

You will have to buy a park guide and permit for visiting the Menjanganisland which is generally included in most of Book Bali honeymoon tour packages from delhi . You can also buy them hotels or tour operators easily!

Price of scuba diving in menjangan island – 2200

Done reading the article? So what are you waiting for? Dive not to escape life but for life not to escape from us! Now you’ll be the best experience as well because of you aware of all the best places to dive in Bali.

If you’re afraid about you being a non – swimmer when diving in Bali then say adiós to them as diving is Bali is for everyone even the non – swimmers.

Pack your bags this summer or winter or just for a getaway because there’s no reason there are for a beautiful getaway in Bali. We hope our article was helpful to you!

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