kerala munnar 12 Stunning Places to See this Monsoon in India

Embarking on a journey either with friends or a family in the monsoon is something that we could find words to explain. India is blessed with stunning places to see in the monsoon. Such a journey will be not only enjoyable but also rejuvenating, lifting up the soul to soar like the eagle to fly high in the realms of bliss.Let’s check 12 stunning places to see this monsoon in India.

The magical Munnar

Munnar 12 Stunning Places to See this Monsoon in India

Munnar in Kerala is an attractive hill station and a suitable place to enjoy in monsoon. With lavish bestowments of rain, the hills of Munnar will be clothed with best of the nature. Wildlife in the Anaimudi region, Devikulam lake and Attukal Waterfalls are the attractions to witness here. Munnar is a best place for honeymooners to kick start sharing their love each other.

Blend of divinity and nature

Bhoothanatha Temple, at Badami in Karnataka, is a frequented place in monsoon. It is a 1500-year-old temple with lakes, waterfalls and greeneries surrounding it making the place one of its kind. It looks more beautiful in the monsoon season as the surrounding gets transformed by the beautiful rain.

Adventure in the monsoon

MalshejGhat in Pune district is situated around the borders of Ahmednagar and Thane. It is an ideal place for the people that like to enjoy hiking, trekking, and to give visual treat to the eyes with picturesque view from 700 metres height. You can find various waterfalls between the valleys. Bird watching is also too good here.

Side to side bliss

Arabian sea in one side and Souparnika River on the other side is a visual treat for the people on their honeymoon or vacation trip to Maravanthe, Karnataka. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to see in the monsoon. The spectacular beach village, blue waters of the sea and the scenic greeneries, boat ride in a sunset view are not to miss.

Brown to green

The colours of your desire will fuse together and get you to the best tour as you enjoy night camping, camel ride and sightseeing at Pushkar, Rajasthan. It is a city with a brown shade which turns green during monsoon. The wonderful mountains around Pushkar turns it green with the charm of the season.

Enjoy the scent of flowers

uttarakhand 12 Stunning Places to See this Monsoon in India

Valley of Flowers National Park is the Best place to visit in a monsoon in Uttarakhand. It is well known for its scenic beauty with alpine flowers. Visiting here will be an amazing experience because of the beautiful streams, pure air, snow-capped mountains and wonderful meadows.

Enjoy a stunning trip

leladakah 12 Stunning Places to See this Monsoon in India


Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir is a prominent place in India to attract flock of tourists from different places of India and world. It’s unique beauty and the scenic locations captivate the hearts of the people in no time. With suitable weather in the monsoon, when the snow melts, the place becomes unbeatable in the list of best honeymoon destinations in India during monsoon.

A beautiful delight

Enjoy both a beautiful and delight trip by visiting Coorg in Karnataka for your vacation. It is suitable for family and also honeymooners. Coorg has finest spots to sight-see and enjoy trekking. Unambiguously a delight to trek, have a walk and camping in Coorg because of the incredible hills and witnessing waterfalls like Cheluvara, Chingara, Irpu and Abbi when it rains.

Gorgeous Spiti Valley

Himachal is one of thesoul captivating places in India, making the visitors fall in love with it. Himachal is an ideal place where you can get lost in the beauty and get high by the adventurous activities you get participating in. Enjoy the adventure in rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking and a lot of other activities.

Charming place to dwell

tamil nadu 12 Stunning Places to See this Monsoon in India

Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu holds a place in the list of 5 Places to See this Monsoon in India. Settled in the beautiful Western Ghats, it is a perfect place to enjoy pleasant climate, witnessing amazing waterfalls and lakes. The pretty central lake becomes prettier when the rain kisses Kodaikanal to give birth to different flowers.

A definite place to have party

Goa, the place of beautiful beaches, is one of the best monsoon tourist places in India. If you really want to enjoy a unique experience, then make your way to Goa. Enjoywonderful beaches, beautiful waterfalls, the most amazing Dudhsagar falls, various lip-smacking cuisines and finally low-priced alcohols.

Waterfalls, architecture, cuisine, cheap alcohol.

Escape to Lonavala

Lonavala 12 Stunning Places to See this Monsoon in India

Lonavala in Maharashtra is a must-see destination in India especially in Monsoon to enjoy the beauty. You can have amazing nature walks, enjoy witnessing charming waterfalls in this breath-taking beauty bestowed by nature.

Make the days of monsoon yours with your family or loved ones visiting the places you’re interested in the list provided above Best India Honeymoon Packages. Enjoy the drizzle, wind and sunshine with your loved ones. Great trip in great places!!!

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