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Deriving its name from the word ‘light’ and nestled in the spectacular Ilocos Norte province, Laoag City is among the most fantastic places to visit in the Philippines. First-time travelers will be glad to know there are scores of super-fun things to do in Laoag City. Capital of the province, Laoag offers a ton of natural and man-made attractions to enjoy. Among the sunniest regions in the country, Laoag City is the perfect place to enjoy fun outdoor activities here – 10 Thrilling Things to do in Laoag City for Adventure.


There are beaches to frolic at, sand dunes to traverse, and hiking trails to embark on, and more. You will have plenty to enjoy indoors as well such as museum visits, restaurants, and shopping ops to name a few. So, before you plan a trip, check out some of the top things to do in Laoag City listed below.


Top Laoag Attractions not to Miss:


We recommend that you not make a hurried and unplanned trip to Laoag no matter how cheap the last minute flights are. Instead, take the time to plan a trip in detail and craft a Laoag tour itinerary to die for! Here are some of the things to do in Laoag City during your trip:


  1. Ilocos Norte Museum


Among the top museums to visit in the Philippines, a visit to the Ilocos Norte Museum is a must, especially for history lovers. Located in the stunning Tabacalera Warehouse, the museum offers a vast collection of ceremonial objects, household items, ethnic clothing, and other traditional relics.


  1. Paoay Lake National Park


The gorgeous Paoay Lake is among the biggest ones in the region and absolutely delightful to visit. For its lush natural beauty and boating opportunities among other things, this is among the best places to visit in Laoag for nature-loving travelers.


  1. Malacanang Ti Amianan


A visit to Malacanang Ti Amianan, one of several majestic palaces built by a former dictator, is among the best things to do in Laoag City. Overlooking the placid Paoay Lake, the two-story building consists of seven rooms. Each room has its own theme of separate historical events dating back to the time of the dictator’s reign.


  1. Sinking Bell Tower


The best Laoag adventure is to visit the Sinking Bell Tower of the famous St. William’s Cathedral. The towering monument was built on a soft, sandy foundation. Consequently, it has been progressively sinking into the ground. A visit to this unique attraction is among the most remarkable things to do in Laoag City.


  1. La Paz Sand Dunes


Any Laoag travel guide will list La Paz Sand Dunes to be among the top Laoag attractions. Famously referred to as the Desert of the North, this spectacular coastal beach and desert is an 85-sq. Km protected region. Spending quality time with family and friends here is among the best things to do in Laoag City.


  1. Santa Monica Church


Having served as the venue for countless weddings and other important ceremonies, Santa Monica Church is a significant attraction in Laoag City. Commonly also referred to as the Santa Maria Church, this is a significant historical-cum-cultural property besides being a religious spot.


  1. Rizal Amusement Park


This is where the status of Jose Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines was established during the 1950s. The park was later renovated to incorporate a swimming pool, a play area for kids, a mini zoo, and a picnic area. Locals flock to Rizal Amusement Park during the weekends for relaxation.


  1. San Agustin Church


Built during the early 1700s, San Agustin Church is among the most significant Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines. Also referred to as the Paoay Church, it is renowned for its distinct architecture. A visit to this revered church is among the top things to do in Laoag City for devout Catholics.


  1. Burgos Lighthouse


A remarkable heritage monument, Burgos Lighthouse was constructed in the course of the Spanish Colonial period. It is also called the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Marvelous to look at, the stunning lighthouse serves ships headed toward various coasts and channels.


  1. Dulang Food Festival


If you’re wondering where to eat in Laoag, this is it. Attending the Dulang Food Festival is among the top things to do in Laoag City for foodies. Ilocos Norte is famous for its delicious food and this festival is the best time and place to try it. Don’t forget to try the empanadas in addition to several other traditional food items!


Best Time to Visit Laoag City:


Being a sunny place, any time is perpetually a good time to book business class flights to Laoag for a trip. However, the peak tourist season is from March to July. You can visit during the months of August-September if you wish to avoid crowds. For those love outdoors but not too much sun, the best time to visit Laoag is from October to December. Pleasantly chill, this is the ideal time to enjoy some of the best things to do in Laoag City.


How to Reach Laoag City:


International travelers can book cheap flights to Laoag City and arrive at the Laoag International Airport (LAO). There are regular flights and buses from Manila as well. There are regular buses from places like Angeles City and Clark Pampanga as well. So, pick the route most convenient to you and come to enjoy some the above-listed fabulous things to do in Laoag City!

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