Sceneries, attractions and places to enjoy and relax, splendid beaches, and various Islands are the best of visiting Krabi. Indonesia is quite famous as a best tourist destination in different aspects. Out of different beautiful places in Indonesia, Krabi in Indonesia is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to have a fantastic holiday with family or friends or loved ones.

The beach attraction

Railay Beach in Krabi 10 things to do in Krabi Thailand for next holiday

Railay Beach in Krabi is considered as most attractive beach and can be reached only by boat. The cliffs on each side of the beach gives it a unique look. You will get a splendid view of this white sand beach where your evening will be memorable. You can try rock climbing tour at Railay Beach to enjoy some adventure. Visiting this beach is one of the mustin the list of 5 Krabi Thailand things to do.

Take Krabi Boat

Krabi coastlines have nearly 200 Islands and would be incredible to explore on your vacation. Rent a boat to explore the islands to feel the difference. The best of the nature and the lifestyle of the people inhabited there would give you awesome feeling. The best season to explore the Island is between November and April. Enjoy quality time at Krabi beach Thailand.

Visit Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Teao Forest Natural Park 10 things to do in Krabi Thailand for next holiday

This Natural Park is an abode of great animals and plants especially the crystal lagoon. Emerald Pool in the natural park is naturally warm and looks completely pure. Swimming in this pool would give you fantastic feeling. The waterfall in the park is another beauty not to miss. Being inside this natural park would be a special experience that you would crave for again.


Spend time at Phi Phi Island

People from different places of the world come here if they come to Krabi. This Island has become more famous because of the film shootings happened here. Get a speedboat from Krabi mainland to reach here. Start early morning to reach here to enjoy the solace of witnessing this beautiful beach of turquoise water.

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Swim in the Hot Springs of Klong Thom

Feel the healing at Klong Thom as there are many hot springs oozing from the thermal springs. As there are various natural minerals in the water of these springs, you can experience healing in the body. You will get a rejuvenating experience as you feel a deep relaxation in your mind too. Try the cooling swim in the other stream also as Emerald Pool is near to the hot springs of Klong Thom.

Climb at Khao Khanab

Khao Khanab Nam present in the either side of the river are the widely famous Mountains of Krabi. This major landmark of Krabi has two mountains seated on series of numerous caves. These climbable mountains are worth a visit and you could enjoy taking amazing photos from the top. Photos taken on the mountain top will be always special. Try it!!!

Stay at the resort in Koh Lanta Yai

Koh Lanta Yai resort 10 things to do in Krabi Thailand for next holiday

If you want to spend your vacation at Karabi in a beautiful resort, Koh Lanta Yai is one of the best Island. It takes 2 hours to reach this place from Karabi and has various pristine beaches mostly serene. This is a wonderful destination to feel a deep relaxation from all the clutches hovering over the mind. Get ready to explore the coral waters and marine life.

Savour the authentic taste

Savour the authentic Thailand food at Krabi Town. It is an apt place to enjoy your drinks at the local bars and to taste the delicious foods in various eating spots. You can see the river running via the town and crowded with fishing boats to bring raw fishes they caught for the day.

Cruise in a long boat

If you are thinking about what to do in Krabi for 3 days, take four Island Tour, a prominent tour in Krabi as visitors are taken to four different Islands – Phra Nanga Cave, Tup Island, Poda Island and Chicken Island. This tour is special because of the cruise in a long boat which stops in different places to give time to the tourists to swim, eat, and for Sunbathe.

Night market

Night Market 10 things to do in Krabi Thailand for next holiday

Night market at Krabi Town is open from Friday to Sunday in the evenings. You can get a different experience here. It is the best place to try local foods, ice cream and other stuffs. You will feel great buying from here as local children sell foods here to make money for their education. Do not miss it.


Book a suitable Thailand honeymoon packages from Delhi Get Ur Holidays  to enjoy an incredible experience. You can’t find words to explain your experience gathered in the places listed above. Krabi is too good to have romantic or friendly or family vacation. Beaches, food, places and attractions, swimming and climbing, and much more is waiting to thrill you with pleasures that exceed imaginations.


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