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The beautiful nation located on the tip of the huge and amazing African continent is a godly tourist destination of South Africa. While South Africa is also famous for fabled game reserves and wildlife safaris on those awesome jeeps like every other African nation, lesser known are the god’s own beaches 10 Beaches in South Africa in July to August 2019

The soft sandy shores offering a mesmerizing view of blue Atlantic or the Indian Ocean whichever one you like is only available in beaches of this country. The list here is to help avid travelers who are willing to explore the must-see best beaches in South Africa in 2019 for some unforeseen fun.

  1. Camps Bay Beach

The Camps Bay Beach lands on the top of the list for a long list of reason. The beach neighboring famous Cape Town is popular for its lively community which offers a diverse range of opportunities for travel. The Camps Bay beach is for those visitors who believe in having fun not just along the waves of the ocean but with sound waves on the dance floor.

The beach hosts some of the top-notch disco clubs, bars, and party places along with the gorgeously beautiful backdrop of panoramic curved hills surrounding the region. Furthermore, the awesome fresh catch served in restaurants, best waves for surfing, lovely hiking trails and daredevil cold waters for swimming are other attraction of this beach.

  1. Thompsons Bay Beach

The Long coastline means a long list of beaches to hit for some awesome adventure along the shores of the sea. Safely cradled rocky cove of Thompson Bay beach is the most awesome beach throughout the whole Ballito town and South African Coastline.

Thompsons Bay Beach

The Thompsons bay beach offers sand, ocean waves, great rocky backdrop, awesome geological hole, an enclosed tidal pool for a safe private swim session and shark nets for safety.

The list of other things on offer are long and it would take months to jot it down which is why you are urged to make a visit as soon as possible.

  1. Umhlanga Beach

The lighthouse and rock shore offering a view of frothy water waves is probably the perfect one-line definition for pictures of Umhlanga beach. However, everyone would agree that the iconic rocks and lighthouse is not the only thing which this beach in KwaZulu-Natal has on offer.


The breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean available from the sandy beach on view is just beginning. The beach offers awesome shiny gold like sand for basking sun, high waves for surfing, dolphin watching for falling in love with nature and much more.

  1. The Sodwana Beach

The current beach holds a position with first 5 beaches in South Africa between the 10 on the list due to surreal white sands decorating its coastline. The glossy white sands provide visitor here a chance to lay back on the recliners by the beach while watching people fish along its shore.

Furthermore, the beach is up close to national park jungles which makes this a great spot for watching bird which flies out of the jungles to coast.


The visitors must not miss taking a scuba dive to amazing coral reef along the beach’s water for some extra fun.

  1. Coffee Bay

Party-loving people this is not the beach for you as it is not exactly the place where you will find Starbucks easily available right across the street. The beach is a destination for serene soul searchers who love visiting sparsely populated villages and relaxing in warm beaches void of people. Enjoy the peaceful beach of a coffee bay or go for a hike in the dolomite caves with a guide.

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Apart from the aforementioned activity, the swim through the hole in the wall and exquisite traditional African culture of the region makes this place fun for visitors.

Pack your bags to wild coast awesome beach for traveling to your roots

  1. Kelly’s Beach

The sunshine of South Africa’s coast gets even brighter in this amazing whale watching destination. Swim along the shores with your kids along the demarcated swimming lines and enjoy the waves with family members. Visitors can also get some tan on the beach while you lay on its amazingly clean sands.

Kelly Beach

However, the best thing to do in this beach as mentioned early on is to sit on the viewing deck in whale season when they come here to reproduce.

  1. SantosBeach

Want to see some Victorian architecture right in the godly sand beach of South Africa then make a tour to Santos beach. The old Victorian era pavilion making this gorgeous beach even richer in beauty is a sight to behold.

You can either hit the restaurants and bars here for some great party adventure or hit the tram carriage laying on the beach for some peace and amazing clicks.

  1. Llandudno Beach

Cape Town in South Africa is Famous for all the things it encompasses throughout the whole world. The famed Llandudno beach coves are probably the most famous thing about Cape Town. Walk along the crescent-shaped beach sunlit beach along the southern Atlantic Ocean for adding some great memories to your life.

The silence surrounding the cold waters offers soul searchers a great opportunity to indulge in bone-chilling swim along its shallow coasts.

  1. Boulders Beach

Africa and Penguins do not sound correct right but you are completely wrong. The Boulders beach in Cape Peninsula’s warm waters hosts African penguins which are protected by the conservation efforts and government. The chance to swim along these protected birds is surreal and you should not return back home from Africa without a picture here.


  1. Victoria Bay

The final destination on the list is the amazing Victoria bay which everyone should include in their South Africa tour packages itinerary. The beach hosts almost all kinds of natural wonders one should experience like the swimmable coast, crystalline water, tidal pool, rock pool and a stretch of sandy beaches.

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately, it’s the end of this list. On a brighter note, you now have a bucket list of the destination you need to visit.


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